Welcome to Threading Bridges

Good evening The legacy logic of the established political partisan bipole, when simply efforting to chat with a fellow bergermeister of the laity out upon the sidewalks where community exists and life occurs, DAILY, . . . seems operantly failing and flailing far more often than not. Being a person of diverse and independent opinion, […]

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Welcome to the PURPLE bus

Good evening, my friends and fellowes — In the frenetic flurry of catching up with the latest revisions of concept, manifest, by the “DOer” of the items getting done, . . . We’ll try this one out. Purple is the balanced blending of red & blue . . . or blue & red. There is […]

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Total Eclipse of the HEART

Good morning, good day It seems the personal will and volition to have, hold and KEEP to & with a SCHEDULE — at least for these THREE that we’re now beginning the SECOND post “into” — is little more than a playful little cat-toy distraction for the conscious mind to fret with whilst we wider […]

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